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It’s all about engagement, inspiration and sustainability

This September the first ever Heritage in Progress Conference (HIP) takes place in Gothenburg. The theme of the conference is intercultural dialogue and how cultural heritage can be used as a potential tool to engage local communities and be a driving force for social sustainability.

Johan Gustafsson, project manager.

Johan Gustafsson works as program producer at Vitlycke museum – right in the middle of the unique rock carvings at Tanum World Heritage site. He also happens to be the project manager for the HIP Conference, taking place at Kronhuset in the heart of the old city of Gothenburg in September 2019.

Can you briefly tell us what Heritage in Progress is all about?

Heritage in Progress (or HIP) is a conference on how we can use cultural heritage sites as an catalyst and create an arena where the owners of the cultural heritage site, namely us humans, can meet and exchange ideas and use the sites actively. This is highly visible if you take a look at the program for our three days together. There are a lot of focus on engaging people through exiting methods such as time travels and other tools to gain new ground and make the world heritage sites flourish with the help of the people living at or near the sites. With that being said, HIP is not exclusively for world heritage sites personnel in any way, I think all cultural institutions can gain from this conference program in one way or another.   

Footsteps of the past and the present.

What can one expect by attending The HIP Conference?

To get blown away by all the initiatives presented and projects that might inspire and make good use in the attendant´s everyday work back at their own institutions.

You also work as a program producer at Vitlycke Museum, right in the middle of Tanum World Heritage Site. What inspires you when it comes to creating a diverse program at the museum?

Through the work I have been putting down into the HIP conference and the amazing people that works in this field, I have gotten a lot of inspiration. Other than that, it’s the good example and the force I often see in local businesses. Both new and old inhabitants being the audience and the context of the Tanum World Heritage is a key to create program and happenings. The co creation part is something I really enjoy working with and helps me in my daily job routine.  

I think it has been a trial and error kind of thing, and in a way, it has to be that way to find new sweet spots that works for our context as a world heritage site museum.

And because a world heritage site is a owned by humanity you have a quite broad crowd to please.

Heritage in Progress takes place at Kronhuset in Gothenburg 11-13 September. Click here and you’ll find the program and a link to where you can register.


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